Who want to make money comfortable?

QUESTIONSCategory: GeneralWho want to make money comfortable?
James123 asked 5 months ago

*IBT forum and educated ng is not help any of us. we can only withdraw if we refer people which is not possible for some people.

  • In IBT Forum the withdrawal setting keeps changing monthly but some people keep doing because it’s still brings out little income but now no income until he or she refers someone into the platform which is hard, if you refer someone now and you don’t tell the person about it it won’t be good cause it won’t favour you.
  • while Educated ng is worse when did the platform start and it’s a crap now no withdrawal until u refer someone this is bullshit. even if the makes the activity earning hard we all know we have a Target to have money at hand cause making money is not easy .

    please everyone pls don’t login into into is platform for month he shouldn’t see a damn money he should beg and make changes.

    one more thing this plsamgee or what is your name are you a fool or what it’s only you in IBT Forum and the one in educated ng to me you are a fool maybe his paying you secretly or you are related that you are the only one that post everything and everydayeveryday

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Ik answered 5 months ago

![](how can i join)

bessieomojola answered 5 months ago